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Local Historic Districts

The historic resources of Johnson City are divided into districts or landmarks based upon architectural significance, historical significance, and/or geographic location. Below is a list of the Historic Districts/Landmarks in the City.

Each district has an established set of Design Guidelines. Design Guidelines are standards, created by citizens and the HZC, which are used in determining the architectural compatibility of a proposed project. They provide direction for project applicants and ensure that the decisions of the HZC are not arbitrary. Copies of these guidelines can be found here.

Historical District Address Checker

Historic District Address Checker is a website that allows you to search an address to see if it is within the Johnson City TN Historic District.

To check an address, simply click on the magnifying glass to search for parcel. Then enter a street name like PINE or a portion of the lot GISLINK ID in the search box. A list of addresses on that street will show up. If nothing shows in the search box, it isn't in the Historic District. You can also click on one of the addresses in the address box or click on an orange address point to get additional information on that particular address.

Click here to begin your search.

National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is an inventory of the buildings, sites, structures and objects that are important to understanding local, state and national history. The criteria for listing on the National Register are as follows:

  • Must be at least 50 years in age
  • Must be the work of a master, or part of a collection of buildings that include materials, workmanship or design that reflects an earlier time or sense of place, or
  • It must symbolize a significant historic event, or
  • The property has yielded or is likely to yield information important to understanding history or prehistory

Properties that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places are not subject to any review for privately funded actions. However, a Federally licensed or funded undertaking that will impact a National Register property will be reviewed to determine if there should be mitigation to reduce any negative impact of that action.

Click here for a list of Johnson City properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.