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Mar 02, 2018

Johnson City named official Hidden Heroes City

The City of Johnson City is proud to announce that upon adoption of mayoral resolution, it is now an official Hidden Heroes City. Hidden Heroes board members Amanda Arwood, Karyn Carriger, Phil Carriger, and Maxine Phillippi accepted the resolution from Vice Mayor Jenny Brock – who is also the chairwoman of Hidden Heroes – at the March 1 Board of Commissioners meeting.

Founded by former U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole, the mission of Hidden Heroes is to bring vital attention to the untold stories of military caregivers and seeks solution for the tremendous challenges and long-term needs they face. The organization works to inspire individuals, businesses, communities, and civic, faith, and government leaders to take action in supporting military caregivers in their communities and to better connect them to helpful resources and support.

“When my husband Bob Dole was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for an extended period of time in 2011, my eyes were opened to the tremendous challenges facing the loved ones caring for our wounded, ill and injured warriors,” Dole said. “Following Bob’s hospitalization, I established the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to help raise awareness and seek solutions for our military caregivers.”

Sen. Dole commissioned the RAND Corporation to conduct the first national comprehensive evidence-based study of military and veteran caregivers. With more than 5.5 million military and veteran caregivers in the United States, the research revealed a societal crisis requiring a holistic national response. Countless spouses, parents, and other loved ones transform their lives and set aside their own careers to care for those who served our country. These caregivers are often in total isolation, without any support.

“We don’t want that to be the case in our community,” said Arwood. “These caregivers are truly ‘hidden heroes’ and by creating this network locally, we encourage them to come out of the shadows and discover a whole new support system that can help sustain them through their journey.”

Military caregivers can visit for more information and are asked to register with Arwood by calling 423-461-0044.

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